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Advice for Parents

The support of a friend or relative during a pupils driving tuition is invaluable. By working together we can ensure your son, daughter or friend progresses quickly but more importantly safely through their learning experience.

I have put together some frequently asked questions from my pupils, you may find them of some use, also I have included some links to booklets that you may find useful to download and read.

Who is legally allowed to sit with a learner?

To sit with a learner you (the supervising adult) MUST be over 21 years of age and have held your full driving licence for 3 years or more.

Have things changed from my day?

In short - yes. When we learned to drive, cars were not so robust, they did not have many of the Eco features todays vehicles have. For example, I was taught to go down through the gears when stopping - this is no longer common practice. We now teach block gear changing from early stages, this allows more time for observation on the approach to a junction.

The use of the right gear for the right speed has also changed. Again I was taught to drive in the highest possible gear for example 4th at 30mph, nowadays this is not the most effective gear for 30mph - 3rd is. It achieves a smoother running more responsive car. Most cars respond and handle better when the revs are around the 2000 rpm mark.

Are there any documents I can read?

Yes, please follow the link below which is direct to RoSpa´s website which holds all the current information you will need. http://www.rospa.com/roadsafety/resources/parents.htm

What insurance do I need to have?

Your son, daughter or friend needs to be a named driver on your insurance. Speak to your insurance company to ensure you have sufficient cover.

Where can I go to get the most up to date information?

The following link is direct to the government´s motoring website which holds information on driving licences and is a useful resource for learners and new drivers. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/index.htm

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